Giacomini Under Floor Heating System

Giacomni under floor heating system is a heating system that utilises low water temperature as main  means of thermal transmission. water circulates into pex tubes laid down and immerrsed in the secreed  the floor is covered with the usual surface covering as ceramic, marble, grante and so on. heating power is transfered from the pex tubes to the concrete and consequently to the room in the way the whole floor surface becomes the active heating element.

Thermal transfer from the floor to the enviroment takes place thriugh physic irradiation, which gurantee the finest temprature distribution in all the area. when this kind of system is installed, the floor surface is not warm at the human touch and at the same time it does’t give the typical cold sensation of the floor boards in places heated by means of radiators systems. the average floor temprature with the giacomini under floor heating system is absolutely pleasant (25C / 26C)

Main Advantages Offered by under floor Heating system

Comfort and uniform distribution of heat in the area: in the underfloor heating the heat is diffused into the room through radiation giving the crazy impact to warm the soul.

Reduce running cost: reduced running cost compared to radiation system up-to 40% of saving per year on the total of fuel.

Cleanliness: there is not the unpleasant convective movement of the air caused by radiation. consequently, there is not any dust circulation.

visual comfort: there are no visible radiators or convectors and the walls are free. the space is at complete disposal to be used according to any necessity.

Friendly to the environments: less working hours of the boiler result to the lower release of fuels, minimal pollution of the natural enviroment and major economy of the energy.

Healthier Conditions: The horizontal and indirect heating of the area results to the ideal distribution of heating in human body , that is, warm legs-cold head. for the thermal stability of the human legs, moving on a heated floor =.

Space Saving: underfloor heating allows the exploitation of all area with the most piratical way and offer a beautiful architectural result.