Heating From The Sun

Solar thermal system

The flat plate and vacuum tube collections can be optimally matched to the relevant energy demand used the most advance system technology to control your heating and solar thermal system.the intelligent energy management system communicate very effectively with the heating control unit which significantly lowers heating costs. solar thermal system in order to provide the installer with a range of easy to install system and efficient, covering all types of solar system: ACS, heating and swing pool.

The Solar Collector is a great technological breakthrough in the use of energy. Its missing is to collect maximum solar radiation with minimum possible losses. It is an ideal solution for saving on the energy bill and contributes to conserving the environment, without contaminating emissions. Easily installed on terraces and roofs, they can be applied to individuals and collective houses, and in other types of buildings such as schools, for producing Domestic Hot Water or for heating swimming pools.

Solar thermal DHW systems and heating up all necessary components (accumulator tank-in-tank 800 and 1,000 liters) for the installation of solar energy for DHWW production and support facilities, low-temperature heating. Similarity, it is not necessary to install any system for evacuation of surplus since the recirculating system incorporates night and an expansion vessel suitable for each volume of accumulation.