Spot Light

Up-Tech LED spot light (3w to 5w) are more energy efficient than ever before. The latest optical technology is used to create a highly effective optic giving rise to new opportunities for saving energy.

3W – 21W Down light

MPS Up-Tech down light 3 watt – 21 watt is comparable to the traditional energy savers, which is commonly used in outlets and common areas. Its design allows to be installed in most of ceiling types.

Executive Down light

EXECUTIVE LED Down Light SMD 3W to 24W have long life-span, energy-saving, environment friendly and these SMD LED Down lights have constant current regulation, reverse polarity protected and proprietary design for excellent thermal management and lumen maintenance.

COB Down Light

Up-Tech COB Reflector LED have no heat radiation UV and infrared in the beam, reducing the potential for fading or discoloration of materials, compared to halogen or incandescent lamps. Otherwise, the life span of our Power LED lights is 50,000 hours.

TUBE Light

Up-Tech LED TUBE is easy to install, has more life span than traditional fluorescent tube with the added benefit of containing no harmful mercury content.

Linear Rigid ROD

Up-Tech LED linear rigid rod is cost saving solution for commercial lighting lilke edge lighting and back lighting of boards.


Up-Tech Panel Light is ideal for general illumination in offices and commercial premises. It creates a glare-free, homogenous light that complies with lighting standards relating to the use of work based on computer screens. The longevity of the LED luminaries compared with the traditional fluorescent luminaries can also significantly reduce maintenance costs.

Track Light

Up-Tech LED track light provides high lumen output while maintaining energy efficiency. With its sleek and unique design, the L.E.D track head will surely enhance the décor in any retail setting. The LED fixture also has an exposed heat sink for cool operation and is available in 7W to 15W to suit any lighting need.

Flood Light

Cost effective road lighting luminaries that delivers fresh new light to city roads. Residential areas and industrial state white making significant contribution to a safer and more comfortable environment.

Street Light

MPS Up-Tech LED street lights is a new energy-saving product using high power LED’s as light source. It works under Low voltage & Low –heat which makes it more safe & reliable low energy consumption & long lifetime adds its reliability.

High Bay Light

Up-Tech LED highbay has been designed to offer th best light output on the market. And to withstand industrial condition with excellent light distribution to general industries. High Power LED’s features make this light exceptional.