The quotation is valid for limited days only from the give date of quatations By accepting a quotation with Uptech, the customer agrees by the terms and conditions outlined in the Contract. Any changes to the quote thereafter will insure an administrative charge of Rs.1,000. A new quote will be generated and sent to you for re-freshing.


You must keep the goods in your possession.- Cancellation of any order after the order period, Administrative fee of Rs.10,000 will be charges. The fee/s charged by suppliers for approval of the solar system will not be refunded. The ordering party shall be entitled to offset such claims only, if they are uncontested or have been declared resjudicata.


The Seller shall not be liable under this Warranty or otherwise for any direct or indirect loss whatsoever arising out of any defect in the Goods or any part thereof.The warranty shall not be assigned or transferred unless the Seller’s consent in writing has first been obtained


Any inconsistency between these General Conditions and the Special Conditions shall be resolved in favour of the Special Conditions.


* Terms and Condition last updates: 1st. September, 2017