Combi Heating Boilers

A combination boiler is a high efficiency hot water and central heating boiler. Often referred to as a ‘combi’ it runs on demand meaning it only heats up the water that you need to use. This type of boiler requires no water storage or cylinder, meaning the space required for your heating solution is kept to a minimum.

Common Features To All Models

  • Electronic ignition and flame safeguard rectification system
  • Eco-friendly. low NOX emission level (NOx 2 and 3 class)
  • coded digital information about possible faults.
  • Exclusive just in time detection and flow variation motioring system.
  • Automatic bypass for single pipe system or with thermostatic valves.
  • Frost protection, enabling you to go without worrying about the chilly winter.
  • Models for use with naturals gas incorporate a gas pressure regulator
  • Electric protraction level ip44
  • Excellent modulation thanks to a fitted flow meter managed by advance electronics

Special Features Specific to our Room Sealed Boilers

  • Combi boilers with instant DHW production. high domestic hot water delivery at constant temperature exclusive hydroplus and ATACS systems
  • HHH Comfort in DHW
  • Heating pressure switch. it prevents the boiler from operating with under pressure in the heating circuit
  • Can be located between kitchen cabinets